The Best Online Betting Sites in India

With many players trying to look for the best betting site in India to play at, it can often be difficult to find the right one. With online betting becoming more popular every year, it’s no surprise that Indian players are taking part more and more.

Over the course of this guide, you will discover these useful items:

  • Full instructions on how to bet online in India
  • How to make a deposit when you want to play
  • The sports that Indian bettors love to bet on the most

Top Online Indian Betting Sites

Betting on Sports Online

Players have plenty of choices when it comes to sports betting online. In fact, online sportsbooks even offer players the ability to get a welcome bonus for signing up. Keep reading in order to find out more.

Choosing your sport

When it comes to deciding which sport is best for you to start wagering on, it’s essentially your decision. It’s best to choose a sport that you have a good knowledge of and then to add to this knowledge with stats and the best markets. We’ve used our expertise to find the very best sites for you to enjoy sports betting India.

Detailed Guide on Sports Betting Online

Even though online sports betting is hugely popular, not everyone knows how to do it. There are so many things you need to know about, but it can be a little overwhelming sometimes.

We’ve covered the most important aspects, so make sure that you are fully aware of how to get started.

  • Step 1

    Know how the bet works

    Placing a wager at an online bookmaker has one single aim: to make a profit. The way that a sports bet works are that you will be given odds, and then that will be multiplied by your stake in order to provide you with your return. For it to work out, your profit just does the return minus the stake. An example would be a 1,000 R bet at 3.5 odds. Your return would be 3,500 R, with your profit being 2,500 R.

  • Step 2

    Pick the best place to make your bet

    If you want to bet online, then the first step you will have to make is to sign up with an online sportsbook. Once you’ve done this, then you will need to find out which ones have the best welcome packages, the right betting markets, and payment options. Once you’ve chosen all of these, then you will have found the right site for you to play at.

  • Step 3

    Create your account

    In order to create your account, you will need to give them some personal information. This is to ensure that they can confirm you are who you say you are. This is vital for playing at legal betting websites in India.

    Once you have done this, your next step will be to fund your account. You can use a range of different payment methods with everything from traditional bank accounts to e-wallets to cryptocurrency available to make the payment.

  • Step 4

    Make your bets

    Whether you want to take part in tennis betting, hockey betting, or even esports betting, you will need to choose a game to bet on. In order to do this, you just look for the game, choose the side you think will win, and then set your stake. Once you’ve done this, confirm your bet, and it will be made.

  • Step 5

    Claim your winnings

    If you’ve been successful with your online betting, then you can then make a withdrawal of your winnings. Using the payment method you made your deposit with, you can then withdraw the money you have won. It’s a simple process that your chosen sportsbook will be able to walk you through.

Ways to Increase Your Level of Success

  • Stay up to date. You can’t bet sensibly if you don’t keep up to date with the news. What if you’re doing some football betting and the team you want to bet on has lost its best player? If you didn’t know that, then it could mean you make a silly bet. Keep up to date, and you will increase your success rate.

  • Research the markets that are available. Not many players are aware of the markets that are offered. It can be difficult to learn them all, but knowing them can increase your chances of success. A good example of this would be a football betting strategy. If you don’t know the different markets, then an over/under strategy might mean nothing to you. Learn about what the different markets offer, and you can then make better-informed bets.

  • Know how to work out profit and return. When you place an online bet, you will be shown your return. This is how much money you will get back. This does include your stake, though, so it’s not your profit. So, when you’re sports betting, you need to know how to work out your profit. It’s pretty simple, your profit is your return minus your stake. It is important to work this out beforehand, though, so that you can get the best value possible for your bets. If you are playing at a betting site that shows the return as profit, it might give you a better chance of calculating your total profit when placing bets. It will also ensure you don’t make a mistake when it comes to how good the odds at legal betting websites are.

  • Pick the right site. Choosing a trustworthy online sportsbook is vital when you choose to bet online. The most important aspect is to make sure that it has a legal license to operate in India. Without this, you don’t know if you can trust it.

  • Don’t go all out. Make sure to be sensible with your betting when you start out. Start out small and then build up as you get more knowledgeable.

  • Set your bankroll. Once you have chosen the best betting websites in India to play at then, it is time to set your budget. Always make sure to be sensible with your budget, the last thing you want to do when betting online is spent more money than you have.

  • Stay grounded. Don’t start betting big because you have won a few in a row. It could soon change and cause big losses.

  • Don't chase losses. If you’ve made a losing bet at an Indian betting site, don’t give in to the temptation to chase that loss. It can lead to much bigger losses in the long run.

  • Don’t bet on the team you support. It’s best not to bet on the team you support. You may be clouded by loyalty and make a bet that is unlikely to win.

  • Live betting can be dangerous. Often live betting can trick players into thinking they are going to win a wager. This comes from bettors who are viewing the game and feel they can predict what will happen. It can lead to uninformed bets that will cost players in the long run.

  • Try to avoid accumulators. Accumulators, or parlay bets, can offer huge returns, but there are a large number of ways these can go wrong.

  • Be careful with strategies. Whether you like ice hockey betting or online horse racing betting, there is no guaranteed strategy to win. Remember, you will never be able to guarantee that you will win, and no strategy is able to do this.

  • Research live cashouts. When enjoying online betting India, you can use the cash-out feature. If your bet is currently winning, but it looks like going downhill, you can cash out to make sure that you get some money back instead of losing it all.

Choosing where to start sports betting

Online betting is hugely popular, and choosing the right Indian betting websites to play at is very important. Take a look at our list of sites to choose the right one for you to play at.

How to choose the best sport for you

Once you have chosen the best online betting site to play at, it is time to choose the right sport for you. You can do cricket betting, IPL betting, and even Kabaddi betting! Use our guide to help you choose.

Cricket betting online

Cricket is easily one of the most popular sports in India. It’s close to an obsession for the people of India, such as the strength of love for the sport. It’s available across a number of different television stations, and live events draw thousands of fans. There are lots of different tournaments available in Cricket which means there are a lot of different betting opportunities. If you’re a big fan of cricket, then the betting chances you have are wide and varied. There are also a lot of different markets offered, so in every game, you’re able to bet on a number of different aspects.

Online Football betting

Worldwide, football is the most popular sport, but in India, it comes a close second. There’s a massive range of betting options here. If you’re a fan, then you can put your knowledge to the test.

Pro Kabaddi betting

Kabaddi isn’t quite so well known across the world. However, in India, it’s a phenomenon. Bettors can enjoy Kabaddi online betting with a big range of different betting markets. You should note that if you don’t know much about the game, then it’s probably best you look for another sport to bet on.

Online Horse racing betting

Horse racing has been a legal betting option for Indian players longer than any sport. Part of this was due to it being classed as a skilled game rather than pure gambling. There are plenty of different events offered to bettors in India, so take a look at the ones you know the best, and from there, you can choose your bets..

Hockey betting

Hockey is a massive sport in India. While Ice Hockey doesn’t have the same appeal, field hockey is beloved. While the events aren’t as well-publicized as some bigger sports, they’re still hugely popular in India.

Tennis betting

Tennis is loved across the globe. With a large number of tournaments taking place and with big-name Indian players starting to get some traction, it’s a market that is growing very quickly.

Online Badminton betting

Badminton is a sport that India has managed to be successful in. With top players coming out of the country, it’s a sport that Indian players do tend to follow.

Basketball betting

India has a thriving basketball community. While it’s not as popular here as in the USA, it is still a sport that’s enjoyed by players across the country.

Esports betting

Esports is the fastest-growing betting choice across the globe. It’s not seen as an official sport yet, but it won’t be long until it is.

Finding the best sport to bet online with

While many think that there is the best sport to choose for sports betting sites, this is actually not the case. There are lots of different sports, and each person has different comfort levels when it comes to that sport. It’s not just your own knowledge either, it’s based on the available stats for each sport and the markets that are offered. Your own budget can also have an impact on the right sport for you to carry sports betting in India. All of this can come together to make the right sport different for every single person..

It means that you will have to look at yourself first before you look at any sports. As soon as you have found the best Indian betting site, then it is time to start looking at the right sport for you. Your first look should always be at your favourite sport. This is most likely where you have the most knowledge and where you can make the most informed bets. Once you have looked at this sport, then it is time to look at the markets that are available. From here, you will be able to ascertain if the top betting websites are likely to give you a return when you play.

After you have done this, then you will have to make sure to be sensible with your budget. Chasing losses and bumping up stakes after a run of wins are all ways to drain your bankroll and leave you with nothing. Make sure to bet in a sensible manner, and then you will have a better chance of betting on the right sport.


  • How can I make a payment at a betting site?

    There are a number of different ways to make a payment to a betting site. You can use debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.

  • Can I do in-play betting?

    The best online betting sites allow players to place wagers during a game. This is live betting and offers a range of different markets.

  • Will the sportsbook cheat me out of my winnings?

    Generally speaking, this is very unlikely. While there are some unscrupulous operators on the market, as long as you choose a licensed site, you’re unlikely to have this issue. By using our tips to help you choose the best betting site then you will give yourself the best chance to avoid this problem.

  • How do I choose the right sportsbook?

    The best way to do this is to use the tips we have given you. Look over what the site offers and make sure that it is licensed. Then you will have a list of the best betting sites in India to choose from.

  • Do any strategies work?

    Any betting site in India that claims there are winning strategies is lying to you. There is no strategy that will work every time because sports cannot be predicted perfectly. There are ways you can try to increase your chances of winning, such as using stats to choose your bets, but they still don’t guarantee a win. The fact is, if you use stats to help you choose your bets, then you will have a better chance of winning, but you will never be able to guarantee your wins.

  • Which bet should I make first?

    The best betting sites for India have a wide range of different bets open to players. However, this isn’t an area that you should be looking at for your first bet. To put it in simple terms, choose a very easy bet for your first one. Start off slow and build up to the more complex options.

  • Do payouts take a long time with sportsbooks?

    It all depends on the online betting sites’ payment options. More traditional methods do tend to take a little bit longer. So debit cards and bank transfers. However, e-wallets and cryptocurrency can be completed within a day. Look for the best option for your needs, and you will be able to get the right payout speed for your needs.


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