Blackjack rules

We’ve put together this blackjack guide so that you can learn how to play black jack. You’ll learn the rules of the game, how to bet, different wagering options, which bets are best to play on each hand, and everything else to help get you started with the game.

When you’re learning how to play casino blackjack, the first thing you need to become aware of is that the entire game revolves around the idea that the dealer makes their move last.

And because the rules of the game make the dealer’s decision mandatory, it’s the players that hold the risk of going over 21 and losing the bet.

Losing your bet early on in this way simply means a win for the casino. This is why many players will focus on learning how to play blackjack at home: to increase their chances of winning by learning the rules and practicing them until they’re an expert.

Blackjack rules: what are the rules of blackjack?

For almost every type of blackjack that exists, you’ll find there’s a different set of rules that you will need to learn before playing. Before you start out, you will need to look at how the game works and how you can use different sets of rules to give yourself an more advantages over the house.

It’s important to note that following the rules of blackjack will not mean that you will be at an advantage overall and the odds will still be in favour of the casino. However, you can still increase your chances by learning the game and using different strategies.

Here are some of the basic rules of blackjack:

  • The winner of each game is determined by whether the player is able to get closer to 21 than the dealer. Players aren’t betting against each other; they’re only betting against the house.
  • Face cards - kings, queens, and jacks - are worth 10 points. Aces can be worth 1 or 11. All the other cards are worth their number value.
  • If you’re dealt an ace card with any 10 point card in your original hand, most variants of standard blackjack rules agree that you will automatically win the game. This is called blackjack. The only exception to this is if the dealer has an ace too, in which case it’s known as a push and this normally pays 6 to 5 or 3 to 2.
  • There are additional rules, for example: players are allowed to split bets if they have two of the same card, players can use “insurance to eager half their original bet if the dealer has an ace, and players can “double down” their original card by asking for one additional card.

How to win at blackjack: basic blackjack tips

If you’re trying to find the best way to win at blackjack, using some of the blackjack tips we provide can increase your chances of success. Casinos rely on the player’s lack of knowledge to make sure they win. Make sure you educate yourself about the rules and follow the strategies we give you.

The question many people ask is, is it possible to consistently win at blackjack? Well, in comparison to other casino games, blackjack has one of the lowest house advantages. Some experts believe the edge the house has be as low as 0.5%. It will never be 0%, however, which means that you need to get basic blackjack tips.


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